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Replace Rusty Galvanized Pipe with Our PEX Whole House Repipe and Horizontal Repipe Service in Las Vegas, NV


Say Good-Bye to Rusty, Leaky, Galvanized Pipes

All of our whole-home repipes come with the best guarantee labor warranty in Las Vegas and along with a manufacturer’s 25 year limited warranty on all Pex pipes and connections we install in your home. All horizontal repipes come with a 5 year labor warranty and includes the same 25 year limited Pex warranty.

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Signs that Your Home Needs a Repipe

Does brown-tinted water come out of your faucets? Are your sink faucets and shower heads releasing water at an abnormally low pressure? Have you noticed any leaks? Water spots? These are the first signs that it may be time to replace the pipes in your home.

If your home has galvanized pipes, the brown water that is coming out of your faucets is most likely caused by rust on the inside of your pipes. And if you notice low water pressure from your faucets and shower heads or leak spots on your walls or ceiling, the rust in your pipes has eaten its way through the pipe, creating pin-holes for water to escape.

Whole Home Repipe Service Warranty

At Plumbing Repair Experts, we stand behind our repipe work a long time. In fact, across all our services, nobody beats our repipe warranties.

In addition to the parts warranties provided by the manufacturer, Plumbing Repair Experts offers the longest labor warranties for repipe services in Las Vegas.

When Should I Have my Home Repiped?

Sometimes, it can take years for rusty pipes to reach their tipping point and spring a major leak in your home.

As soon as you notice any signs that the pipes in your home are rusting or have holes, you should consider a whole-home repipe; if you wait until the last moment, you will not only have to pay to repipe your home, but you may also have to pay to fix water damaged areas and replace any damaged furniture or valuable items. Also, if you plan on having your kitchen or bathroom remodeled, it’s especially important to repipe any rusty pipes to avoid costly damages to your new appliances.

As a preventative measure, Plumbing Repair Experts offers both immediate and long-term solutions to fix rusty and damaged pipes. These procedures do take some time, but because of the materials and process we use, Plumbing Repair Experts’s repipes are minimally invasive to your home, meaning we make as few and as little access holes as possible. And to ensure that the same problem you had won’t happen again- whether it be a pipe rupture or rust- Plumbing Repair Experts

Why PEX Piping is the Best Repipe Solution for Your Home – What is PEX?

PEX is an acronym for polyethylene that has been crosslinked. In other words, PEX is a unique plastic material that is specifically designed for piping, repiping, and piping insulation purposes.

The Unique Qualities and Benefits of PEX Piping

PEX pipes are unique because of their outstanding durability and flexibility. PEX pipes do not rust or corrode like copper pipes and galvanized steel pipes do, so you don’t have to worry about pinhole leaks creating leaks in your home down the road. Also, because PEX pipes are flexible enough to expand three and a half times beyond their original diameter and return to normal without any wear or damage, they can withstand expansion from freezing water. PEX pipes’ ability to withstand freezing temperatures separates them from their rigid cousins, CPVC, copper, and galvanized steel.

PEX’s flexibility also allows them to make wide curves so that there are fewer tie-ins and connections to other lengths of pipes, which is typical of CPVC, copper, and galvanized steel piping systems. Oftentimes, PEX pipes can be directly routed from the point at which water enters your home to its Point of Use (POU). In a highly pressurized system like your home’s water pipes, fewer connections means there are fewer areas where ruptures and leaks could occur.

All of PEX’s special qualities translate into a clean installation process, economic savings, and long-term reliability. Not only does it cost less to repipe your home with PEX piping systems, but you can also rest assured that your pipes won’t rust, leaving your home dry, your water clean, and more money in your pocket.