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A garbage disposal is a quick, sanitary way of disposing of food waste that can have a ton of benefits to your home. By disposing of food through a garbage disposal, you get rid of one of the leading causes of household odors, reduce the chances of a bug or vermin infestation, and even help keep waste out of landfills, which is better for the environment. However, as with any other component in your plumbing system, a garbage disposal can break down, and even the most well-built unit will break down or even give out eventually.

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Our Garbage Disposal Service

We regularly train our plumbers on the latest brands and models to serve you best and get your kitchen working again in no time.

We offer the following garbage disposal services:

  • Disposal replacements
  • New disposal installations
  • Clog removal & drain cleaning

Whether your disposal simply refuses to turn on, no longer works correctly, or you’ve got a clog built up further down your drain line, we can come to your home, accurately diagnose the issue, and set things right again. We can even help retrofit a new disposal system into an older home which may not have a disposal installed by default. We make it our mission to get your kitchen working seamlessly again so you can go back to living life in stress-free comfort.

Types of Garbage Disposals

There are actually two different types of garbage disposal on the market: continuous feed – a more common choice – and batch feed. They are different from each other in aspects of mechanics.

Continuous Feed
The motor will keep on running and grinding as long as you don’t switch off.   Mostly used in busy restaurants.

Batch Feed
The motor only turns on when a switched is set to on.  Batch feed garbage disposals are safer and better for the home environment.


    1/3 Horsepower

If you live in a 1-2 person household, a 1/3 or ½ HP model would suffice. However, we would not recommend because they tend to easily jam.

    1/2 Horsepower

This is usually the minimum horsepower recommended for typical home use. They are usually can fit into tighter spaces. The noise level tends to be quite high for these disposals.

    3/4 Horsepower

This is a great size for a garbage disposal which can serve most kitchens quite well. At this size, they will have plenty of power for all those leftovers and more.

    1 Horsepower

If you have the space under the sink then this size of a garbage disposal would work best. Most are very quiet and have enough power to grind chicken bone.