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We are a NLV plumber providing a wide variety of services such as installation, repipes and repairs in North Las Vegas, NV.


We are committed to the work that needs to be done, whether it’s clogged drains, leak detection or an emergency plumbing service throughout the house.  Do not worry about when you need service because we are open 24/7.   Our licensed plumbers will meet your schedule.   Regardless of whether it is an emergency, a service on the same day, convenient appointments or on weekends. Furthermore, we provide highly competitive prices on repairs and new equipment installations.

Why choose the Experts at plumbing repair North Las Vegas?

Because we have unparalleled experience in the plumbing sector.

Our plumbers know the local Las Vegas conditions and are always informed about new plumbing techniques, demonstrating high experience in any work they do.

Because our prices are very competitive and upfront.

Our professional plumbers are clear and concise with the needs of our clients, as they indicate the best way to fix their problem without spending extra money. They start with a consultation (free with repair) where they analyze the plumbing issue, provide a solution and the cost.   Work does not start until you give approval.  So feel comfortable that there are no hidden fees or additional cost.  Enjoy the best vegas services in plumbing with the best prices.

Because we have licensed plumbing professionals.

Each of our plumbers is licensed and certified, so they will guarantee you a 100% quality job.

Because our services are provided 24 hours a day.

It does not matter if it’s a holiday or weekend, our plumbers will be there for you whenever you want a totally guaranteed service.

Because our professionals are 100% dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Relax in knowing you made the right choice in using our plumbing services.  We stand behind our work with the best Labor Warranty in the Las Vegas valley.

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Besides installing new plumbing systems, updating old ones, and performing all types of plumbing repairs, we also offer additional services for residential and commercial customers.

water heater plumbing repair

Water Heater Repair & Replacement North Las Vegas

water heater plumberYou turn your shower on to get ready for the day—only to discover there is no hot water and the garage floor is flooded with water. This is a frustrating situation for homeowners, but our 24/7 water heater repair and replacement service will remove your old broken water heater and replace it. Plumbing Repair Now will get your hot water flowing again quickly.

Expertise counts when it comes to repairing water heaters and we have the best-licensed plumbers in North Las Vegas! Plumbing Repair Now can repair any type and brand of water heater, including tankless water heaters.  We also provide water heater maintenance & flushes to prevent problems before they start.

We offer same day service and we never charge extra for night or weekend calls. Call Now – (702) 793-2080

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water leak plumbing icon

Water Leaks

water heater plumberNo Matter How Big or Small, We Will Find and Repair Your Leak! If you are hearing water trickling in your walls when the taps are off, receiving high water bills, or seeing water spots on your walls, ceilings, or floors you may have a water leak.

Some water leaks are visible and their source is obvious—others are not! The water travels through walls, ceilings and floors resulting in visible damage occurring far away from the source. Tracing and detecting the source of water leaks is a job for North Las Vegas’s best plumbing company, the plumbing repair Experts. Our experienced plumbing team can interpret the signs and reveal the cause of the water leak quickly before more damage can be done to your home.

We offer same day service and we never charge extra for night or weekend calls. Call Now – (702) 793-2080

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Drain Clogs | Rooter | Drain Jetting

water heater plumberClogged sinks and drains are one of the most common plumbing services sought by our customers since blockages can occur in any pipeline, from the easily accessible pipeline below the sumps to the main drainage lines. One way our plumbers solve this problem is to use a system called “drain jetting” to clean clogged or slow sewer lines. Jetting is a method of blast high-pressure water into the lines to remove difficult blockages and build up.

Contact us now — we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!</ Call – (702) 793-2080

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Bath and Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling

water heater plumberDo you want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen? Contact us, we will be proud to be with you at this wonderful time for you! We know that renovating a kitchen involves time and effort, so we will be at your disposal throughout this process, from the beginning helping you with the design of your remodeling, to the installation of taps and connections for new appliances, dishwashers, bathtubs, showers, sinks or toilets. Sit down and enjoy how your new kitchen or bathroom is flowing!

Relax and get ready to enjoy your new kitchen or bath! Call us now and ask for one of our Plumbing Remodeling Experts – (702) 793-2080

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Repipe Replumb whole house plumber

Piping Service

water heater plumberNeed repiping of leaky copper piping or rusted galvanized piping? Here are some common signs that you might need your home piping replaced. Ever observed brownish-colored water in your faucets or a drop in water pressure during a shower or bath. Maybe the signs are more apparent – like water spots or leaks on the walls or ceilings. If you notice any of these signs it is time to call a las vegas plumber. Our plumbers will evaluate the integrity and age of your existing pipes and recommend the best solutions for your situation.

If your home is in need of new pipes then the pipes should be replaced with highly durable and flexible Pex. These Pex pipes offer superior performance and durability compared to copper or other popular options.

Whether it is for a whole-house or just one pipe replacement you can rest assured that your home is inexperienced hands of one of the best plumbing team in the Vegas valley.

We offer same day service and we never charge extra for night or weekend calls. Call Now – (702) 793-2080

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